Dragonfly door

2 3/4 inch thick exterior door  made of reclaimed fir beams. This very solid door has the carving of a dragonfly on the exterior, and a carving of the Villarica volcano with a log house and araucaria trees on the interior.

Crows door

Very solid front entrance door made with 2” thick white oak. The  metal design/work was made by Gunter Reimnitz.

Tree door

A door from the 1920s that has gone through a lot of use was restored, creating a unique character door. The tree resembles a well-loved tree at the house entrance.

Arts & Crafts entrance door

This 42” wide, 2” thick door is made of the most beautiful old growth douglas fir with a Wenge wood rose insert. Most pieces are tapered in traditional Arts & Crafts style. All joints are true hand made mortise and tenons. The panels of course are also made of thick solid wood, not plywood!

Mayne entrance door  (Mayne Island)

On the  exterior, the scene is magically reminiscent of  the view from the property.  The interior represents the family and their origins with the korus. An all Red Cedar exterior door.

Zeitlos door

A door designed to honour the shape of the building, almost art&crafts style, while highlighting at the same time the modernity of the home.

Joints that will outlast the lifetime of the glue is just one of the many unique features of this door.

Kartographen door

Door made of old growth douglas fir and red cedar. As the name indicates this door represents a chart. A closer look shows the southern Gulf Islands casted in glass by Anthony Jamieson Designs. Vancouver Island and part of the ocean is hand carved into the red cedar.

Seaside Rendezvous door

A majestic solid oak door full of details. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the 3 dimensionality of the door, its sidelights, and how harmoniously it fits in with the architecture of the house it is designed for. The form, the carvings, the casted glass, the unique joints, the environmental considerations (sealing, insulation, automatic door sweep, source of materials, etc.) are just a few of the many aspects of this 200 pound solid door.

Fine Woodworking

Vista door

This double door is the new entry for a lovely couple in Squamish. The door design reflects the actual view you have from their house.

The door is made with reclaimed beams from an old factory on Marine Drive in Vancouver. The work combines red cedar inserts with sandblasted glass. For the picture below a black background was chosen to better show the designs in the glass.

WestVan door

Made of thousands of individually crafted pieces. This piece echos the different views of a house in West Vancouver. Not only the designs for each of the sides but also the construction of this 2.5” thick door are innovative and extremely solid.

Puerta del Sol

From now on the sun will shine forever at the entrance of this house. The interior contains an image of the view onto Mt Maxwell on Saltspring Island.

The sun is constructed of adzed cedar inserts. The background of both sides of the door is made with 1/8” thick veneers. This Wyvern has assumed its duty to be on the lookout across the bay.

Front door commissions

                                    (1) 250-715-4030                                   Maple Bay, BC Canada

MetCal entrance

A Rocky Mountain vista creates that home-away-from-home feel for this Albertan couple’s West Coast house.

The skyline wraps around the sidelites into the door itself, and  also into the adjacent wall.

The double casted glass gives it a distinct three dimensional effect for the clouds. The overall dimensions are 3” thickness, 95” heigh and 155” in total length.

The doors and walls are filled with symbolism. Inside, the door hosts a male/female dragon carving, while the wall represents a Buddha pond, a reflection of the clean Asian decorative style within the home.

Lugares door

You might never guessed it, this door represents on the exterior side a map of places the owners have lived in. The door is framed in Sapelle wood with it’s unique figure. The interior side honors our old growth forests in BC.

You might have also noticed the doors are “S” shaped.

Uralt door

These huge 220-pound (each), 2.5” thick doors are made of quarter sawn white oak. The panel is composed of old pine woods from a barn on the east coast. The goal was to create a majestic seasoned set of doors that will welcome people into an amazing house on the Sunshine Coast. The door holds several secrets, including a hidden Lasqueti silver coin.

The texture added to the woods gives them the combination of an old look with a very smooth and elegant appearance.

Dome door

Not many are around but there are still a few geodesic domes out there. One of the many challenges of a geodesic dome is that you don’t want to cut into the struts. Hence the unusual shape for this door opening.

As with most of my doors, the inside is quite different to the outside.

Salmon-run door

This 48” by 80” majestic door represents the various natural wonders of its home on SaltSpring Island, BC.

Made of hundreds of pieces of wood, the door is unlike any you have ever seen. Incorporating a twisted willow from Saskatchewan, this entry door boasts dozens of salmon with the occasional pickerel, a kingfisher on the hunt, and an elegant heron casted into the glass.

A 3-dimensional special finish distinguishes the old growth douglas fir. This masterpiece took more than 500 hours of handmade labour.

Playtime door

Caucophonous ravens oversee your welcome at this front door while eyeing the family cat below. Once you are on the other side, you discover that the game has changed as the cat spies on the plotting ravens from his perch above.

This door is full of attentive details including visible joints, a welcoming quote, a unique finish and beautiful old growth  Douglas Fir panels made with thick laminates and a foam core.

Eagle’s Nest

A majestic 107.5” tall by 92.5” wide door that depicts the view from a magnificent home on the Moose River in Alaska. The exterior gives us a glimpse of nesting eagles with the abundance of the salmon run below. In contrast, the inside represents the winter season, with snow-capped mountains just beyond the river’s temperate edge.

Double weatherstripping, triple glazing and insulated carved panels are some of the many features of a door made for the cold climate up north.

Exterior side

Interior side

Tranquility door

A sizable entry door of 96” high by 109” wide. The elegance comes out through the Sapele wood frame with walnut panels facing the outside. The salmon run is inlayed with cooper and the golf islands have hundreds of trees carved onto them. The inside representing the same view carved in detail onto the Maple panels.

The glass shows the mist often seen between the mountains  with a

sun rise. The door

is full of details

like special joints,

double weather-


automatic door

sweep, added

quotes and much


Cowichan visitor center

A hand crafted door designed specially to welcome the guests to the visitor center. The exterior is composed of Mt Prevost in the background with one of the majestic Arbutus trees in the front. An invitation to enter the building is given through the mystical local owl. At the bottom is the Cowichan River depicting the abundant salmon run. The interior side is made with dozens of carved leaves of the so many type of trees this beautiful valley has.

The door is been made with all local grown and milled woods including fir, cedar, maple, gary oak, walnut, alder, yew, arbutus, hemlock and many more.

Cherry Point Winery bistro entrance

A very tall entry 120” by 192” wide that reflects the unique character of this fantastic winery. The asymmetrical door design beckons one into the wine cellars while the stylized cherry tree honours the bistro's namesake. All made of solid old growth Douglas Fir. Note that very few angles are straight!

Staves of the original winery’s barrels are being used for the door handles. The big glasses make it a particularly welcoming entry.

Wild Wood House entrance

When I saw the house, the discerning taste and attention to detail with which my customer was renovating and decorating their home, I felt honoured and inspired to be a part of the process. After sculpting and etching the finest and most intriguing of materials over untold hours, I am confident that this entrance captures well the artistry of this fine home.

ArbuGarry House entrance

A welcome given by the sacred Arbutus and Garry Oak trees. The entrance is shaped in accordance to the signature arch of this spectacular house. Other iconic features are the concealed 3D adjustable hinges, book matched timber, 2.5 inch thickness and a special combination of casted and etched glasses.

Bijou entrance

A one ADU (Arnim Door Unit as my customer calls it) solid 200 pound door! 2.5” inch thick solid white oak door. With wonderful carvings on the front hinting to a fjord type of passage, the inside a copper inlay map of Nova Scotia.

Revival entry door

What a treat - a door crafted with materials from my customer’s father’s house, all salvaged from the demolition. And now this history-laden door will be the entry to the next generation’s new house. The design is also based on the customer’s father’s art.

Door to Heaven

A creative representation of the local lay of the land welcomes you into this home. On the sidelite panel, though, the perspective dives into the deep ocean where we find a resident whale.  Above her, a lake with an otter casted into the glass and a swan and eagle flying amongst the clouds. These animals all reappear on the home’s interior bedroom doors, now of course resting and ready for a good night’s sleep.

The inside of the front door? An Arbutus tree as family emblem, with one member’s name carved into each of the branches emerging from the trunk.

On our Interior Doors page, see the series called “Close friends doors”, crafted to go with this entry door. 

EagleWave  door

Transforming Hokusai’s Japanese Wave into a local MT. Baker mountain with a stormy wave that becomes and eagle. The interior side of the door using the port hole as part of the trees. A 2 1/4 thick door made of reclaimed woods.

View door

An entry that now resembles the magnificent view this house has. As you approach the door you wonder where it might open to... that is the very view of the house.

exterior side

interior side

Chamito Bamboo

Loft door opening a washroom, carved with a simple harmonious bamboo design. The side facing the loft represents the stages of a shaman (Chamito) coming from the sun to earth learning to fly beyond his body and reaching the moon.


A door with very different motifs on each side, thematically relevant to the rooms on either side.  Hidden magical details attest to the relativity of daily reality.

OrchidLily door

Interior door  made of reclaimed fir beams with reclaimed yellow cedar panels. The door represents the favorite flowers of this customer.

4 directions frog carving

Made of reclaimed yellow cedar and douglas fir. This panel is mounted on the inside of a condo door where replacing the original door is not permitted.

Hummingbird door

Interior door  made of reclaimed fir beams with a red cedar panel. The stained glass was made by Michael Alldritt, the cedar carving was carefully crafted to match the style .

Magic door

This door leads to a basement, representing, peace, health, nature, humor honoring the land we live on. Note the secret peephole in the door...

Scofino door

For this commission I was asked to make a Scottish style door that included a celtic knot carving and a design with a Tofino theme.

Some of the uniqueness of this door is how the wonderful grain of the recycled douglas fir was treated to give a 3 dimensional aspect (which unfortunately can’t be appreciated in a picture).

'Angel' Door

A door made as a gift for the 25th anniversary coinciding with the 50th birthday of my customer's spouse. It is a door full of details, each one significant to the customers' lives. To point out a few of the highlights:

•book-matched stiles

•very unusual joinery

•walnut inserts that came from the customer's father

•hand adzed (carved) red and yellow cedar panels

Mount Baker door skin

This panel is mounted on and existing fire rated door. It shows the view on Mount Baker with the owners sailboat, the celtic moon and several other features that complement the Seaside Rendezvous entry door.

Interior door commissions

“Close friends” Doors

A series of our best-known local friends as the interior door theme in this handsome house. The exterior door Door to Heaven depicts these familiar animals in their daily activities before they head to their bedrooms to rest

Il Vino wine cellar door

Majestic rustic door made of weathered reclaimed fir to go along with the aged wines it will now be guarding. This is a very strong and thick door. As most of my doors it has two quite different sides.

Cellar doors commissions