Each music stand is specifically designed for my customers.

Corner cabinet

This piece of furniture was commissioned to accentuate a lonely dining room corner. Traditionally constructed with oak panels (as opposed to plywood), depicting two local woodpeckers.

Vino box

The lid with a carving of Burrard bridge in Vancouver; trees reflected on a lake on the front side of the box.

Dragonfly table

Carving of a red dragonfly that was posing patiently until the perfect picture could be taken.

Nazareno table

Carving of a beautiful tropical tree on Moh wood. The frame of the table is made of purple heart. The table top can be turned around to display the wonderful patterns of the  Moh.

Ferns meet Cedro

The west coast ferns reach their

way to meet the chest’s top, where a young Colombian cedro tree is growing, even dancing, towards them.


Bamboo box with bamboo carvings on four sides

Acacia waves

This piece was made of dozens of small pieces of an old acacia tree originally destined for firewood.

Examples of other commissions:


      1. Combined wood and tile work. In honor of Arthur Clark’s death.

Ty Bach Twt

Nameplate made to name a wonderful studio.

The Welsh dragon sticks out wonderfully on the specially treated douglas fir with an elegant but simple wenge framing.

Fine Woodworking


      1. Table top carving based on a picture of the farm my customer grew up in.

Grandfather tree

Inspired by the sheer size of some ancient trees in BC


Intarsia made of local woods depicting one of the stunning view in Vancouver

Lions Bay View

A stylization of the stunning view my customer’s house. Note how the figure of the cedar reflect the ocean and the clouds in the sky.

The geometric shape of the mountains was designed to go with the shape of the roof where the piece will be mounted. None of the woods are stained, all are natural colours!

                                    (1) 250-715-4030                                   Maple Bay, BC Canada

Snow monkey

Ever seen a Japanese Snow monkey in a hot spring? Seems like they have figured out how to meditate. This sculpture was commissioned to inspire us to seek the profoundness and tranquility we so need in our modern world.

Stereo cabinet

A highly unusual construction representing the union of male (Yellow Cedar) and female (Red Cedar). Built with contours on all of its sides,  the piece reflects the undulating flow of life. The casted dark glass between the coupled woods elegantly accentuates life’s whimsical nature. With fine craftsmanship and attention to detail front and back, inside and out, this  cabinet is a true conversation piece.

Designed with an asian style in mind, this fine box was a gift for the customer’s friends.

Special boxes

“Together through the dessert” was made as a gift for the wedding of this beautiful couple. The image to the right shows the lid’s reverse side.

Wedding Gift

Box crafted to hold the wedding gift

Mail boxes

Music Stands

Cowichan coffee table

A coffee table designed to hold the story of their three children, each with a story of their own. The “crack” in the middle symbolizes the Cowichan river and is a space holder for beach shells and rocks found over the years.

The table is made of walnut, maple and the draws are made of several other hardwoods. 

Galiano Conservancy sign

The idea here was to make a sign that will attract the attention of people passing by. The front side is a 3D version of their official symbol (left) while the back represents the view (right) from the stunning property

Skylight forest

Here we were invited to explore a rare opportunity to create art for a skylight tunnel. This piece links the interior with the exterior of the house. The trees are made of some of the most common trees/woods in the province like cedar, maple, firs, pine, arbutus, oaks and others.


A versatile, stately piece; a table (with glass added), a room divider, a door, or simply art.  Shaped and carved to highlight its elemental beauty and biography.

The piece measures 40x86x2 inches. Examples of its possible functionality are shown below.

Description of the piece by G.F.:

“The piece represents the symmetry between nature and the human form in decay and the inevitability of death. But it also speaks on a spiritual level, to the possibility that existence, in different forms, is infinite. However you see it, artist Arnim Rodeck has captured the imagination of those privileged to see his work”

Artistic cutting boards

Not a single piece of wood is distracted in our workshop. We honor each piece even making the from all kind of interesting cutting boards to the smallest coasters.

Decomposing Wood marvels

Who said rotten wood is not worth working with? Sure very difficult and rewarding though.

Pieces I crafted to hang on the wall (or pieces to live as part of a cabinet door, table etc)


What about taking the best of two worlds. The beauty of artistic photography and combining it with some carving and insert work?  Frames to hang on the wall.

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