Fine Woodworking

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Stereo cabinet

A highly unusual construction representing the union of male (Yellow Cedar) and female (Red Cedar). Built with contours on all of its sides,  the piece reflects the undulating flow of life. The casted dark glass between the coupled woods elegantly accentuates life’s whimsical nature. With fine craftsmanship and attention to detail front and back, inside and out, this  cabinet is a true conversation piece.

Cowichan coffee table

A coffee table designed to hold the story of their three children, each with a story of their own. The “crack” in the middle symbolizes the Cowichan river and is a space holder for beach shells and rocks found over the years.

The table is made of walnut, maple and the draws are made of several other hardwoods. 

Dragonfly table

Carving of a red dragonfly that was posing patiently until the perfect picture could be taken.

Corner cabinet

This piece of furniture was commissioned to accentuate a lonely dining room corner. Traditionally constructed with oak panels (as opposed to plywood), depicting two local woodpeckers.

Nazareno table

Carving of a beautiful tropical tree on Moh wood. The frame of the table is made of purple heart. The table top can be turned around to display the wonderful patterns of the  Moh.

Standing computer desk: Athena

We live ever more in a world of our own technological fashioning.  Techno-enamored, we often neglect to honour the material foundation of what we invent - Nature Herself with Her superlative contours, textures and tones. ATHENA was crafted to augment your experience of technology combined with art.

Desk height is automatically adjusted and can be configured as desk only, with drawers, with or without top display board.

Kitchen cabinet door commissions:

Here we added a set of kitchen cabinets with a Karelian dog motif, a breed our customer loves. Each dog is represented with a set of different woods (maple, alder, sapelle, and wenge). The cabinets are made of solid maple and walnut, then joined with half-blind dovetails. The knife hinges also add a special touch.

Karelian’s kitchen cabinet

Migration on the kitchen cabinet

Dinner table with a matching mantel piece

As usual the picture is nothing compared to the actual. Coming into this room and noticing an elegant uncommon table with beautiful carved leaves as an insert, combined with hammered cooper leg footings and a harmoniously matching mantel piece.

Marine table

Side table

These pieces of maple wood are particularly intriguing, the shape, the growth rings, it’s colouring. Out of this I crafted a side table to hold perhaps a set of glasses, a special memory or stand by it’s own.

An artistic representation of the Salish sea carved into deeply figured big leaf maple. A closer inspection might even show some quite attractive locations on this magical map. The marine table is  the dinning table of a wonderful yacht.

Standing computer desks: Olive

Crafted out of the most wonderful quilted Maple figured wood these table are embedded with many details including leaves carved out of olive wood, parchments with hidden messages and much more.

Each desk height is automatically adjusted and can be configured as desk only, with drawers, with or without top display board. The desks can work together in an L shaped assembly or completely independently.